Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Situation desperate. Cat needs a new home

Wally needs a new home

You’ve heard it before. Owner lost job, then her home, has to move, cat can’t go, etc. For those of us who have spent years rescuing homeless animals, we get a little jaded (no…a LOT jaded). We snarl and say “Since when did ______(insert city here) not allow cats?” “Why can’t this person get a cat-friendly apartment?” and so on. It’s easy to lose patience with people who seem to discard their pets so easily.

But times have changed dramatically. Now, more often that not, even the most responsible pet owner has no choice in the matter. And the rescue community needs to show more compassion for people who are truly in crisis, and are not just throwing away their pets.  

Give my friend a job
I encountered this attitude recently while trying to find a home for my friend Virginia’s cat, Wally. A librarian, Virginia was laid off about two years ago. She has worked as a librarian in hospitals, government and law schools, and has a degree from San Diego State in library science.

Recently she has been working for a temp agency. She finally realized she could no longer afford her condo, has sold it at a tremendous loss, and is now moving in with her sister’s family. And her niece is allergic to cats, so Wally can’t come. Jasmine the dog is welcome in Virginia’s new home.

I have heard my share of snide remarks as I've help Virginia spread the word about Wally. I'm sorry people who don't know the situation have so little sympathy.

About Wally, the cat who needs a home
Wally has been with Virginia for 11 years, since he was an 8-week-old kitten. She had recently lost her beloved Toad, a yellow kitty, and wanted another yellow cat to complete her family. I saw an ad for yellow kittens, and she went right over and brought baby Wally home.

Wally has lived peacefully with dogs, but has never lived with another cat. He has never been outdoors. He is healthy and well-cared for, and comes complete with all his supplies and toys.

This situation is heartbreaking for Virginia. Our local no-kill shelter, Helen Woodward’s Animal Center, charges a $2,000 “donation” to take an elderly cat. Wally will probably stay with me while we look for a permanent home for him.

Why Wally is at my house
Friends help friends, and Virginia is one of the most generous people I know. When I was going through my divorce, she kept my collie, Emma, for almost four months while I was in an apartment. I already had a dog and two cats at the apartment; a collie would have been tough to hide.

When I got my house, I took Emma back, and Virginia had earned lifetime gratitude and free pet sitting.

Please spread the word here in Southern California. Let’s help Wally find a new home and take one sad burden off of my friend’s shoulders.

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A MilShelb Mom said...

I can't help, but I wish you lots of luck!!!

Terry Albert said...

Thanks- I'm still hopeful we can find him a home