Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Newfoundland pet portrait by Terry Albert

Although his real name is Ricky Ricardo's Cuban Congaboy, aka "Ricky," this Landseer Newfoundland is known as Mr Smooch, the world's greatest smoocher. He earned this name because he's always smooching everyone he meets. Since newfies are known for their expertise in water rescue, his owner and I chose that theme for his portrait, with a smooch image  on the life-ring.

Ted, Ricky/Smooch's owner, purchased the portrait through the Labrador Lifeline annual auction. Lab Lifeline, like the similar group, LabMed, provides financial aid to Labrador Retriever rescue groups to help dogs that need expensive medical procedures. I was happy to donate a small portrait for their cause. The finished art is 5" x 5" and is framed to 8 x 8. It is done in acrylic and colored pencil.

Yes, I expected to be doing a Lab portrait, but I had fun with Mr Smooch!

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