Thursday, March 3, 2011

Update on Indy, the rescued horse

Indy moving for the trainer
Indy met a trainer named Tambi today and his owners got to learn a little more about him. He is looking great and feeling much better, Just a tiny bit of lameness on his left rear. He remains sweet and willing, though today he resisted turning his head to the left, as if he feared it would hurt. He wasn't too happy to be longeing either, but I think once he realizes his old injuries are healed, he'll be eager to do whatever they ask of him. He has turned out to be a gorgeous horse!

Ari amid a pile of hair, and lots more to go
Meanwhile, my own shaggy pony got a good brushing this afternoon. One thing you can say about Icelandics- they get very furry in the winter. And when Ari is groomed, he leaves a pile of hair that looks like someone skinned a skunk. I also groomed Sherlock the shetland, but he's not losing much hair yet. Star yelled in protest, afraid I was going to take Ari away from him. No Star, that's tomorrow, when we'll head out for a ride!

Ziggy and Mary Ann
And here's an update on another rescued pony: Ziggy went out for a walk today with Mary Ann. He's the cutest kid on the trail!

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