Saturday, March 19, 2011

Roup was here

Roup's tennis balls
Roup’s visit this week reminded me of my days with Tank, the yellow Lab I owned for 13 ½ years. Roup is so much like him: rambunctious, noisy, funny and very, very busy. I always tell myself I can’t own a million dogs, so I just rent them until the feeling passes. So this week I had the pleasure of “owning” a Lab again.

Roup would have made a good drug detection dog. He is OBSESSED with tennis balls. When I was doing rescue, that’s how we tested dogs for working jobs. If he just wouldn’t let up, this is the dog they need for drugs, arson, customs work, etc. That kind of drive is tough to live with in a pet, but it’s perfect for working dogs. Roup has found his place in life as a service dog for his owner Lisa.

Here's Roup with his buddy Nate on a recent visit, shredding a dog bed. They were justy having too much fun to make them stop. 

And this was Tank, with his favorite bunny. 

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