Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another neglected horse finds a home

I am so proud of my friends Corrie and Steve today. Last Tuesday I forwarded an email I had received about a horse at the North County shelter. A 14 year old Thoroughbred, Indian had been in rehab for seven months, a victim of severe neglect. 400 pounds underweight when rescued, he had lost a lot of hair and was severely lame.

The next day I got an email from Corrie: “OMG! We went over and adopted this horse!” They’ve been holding court ever since as all our horsey buddies come over to meet the new family member.

As Corrie was wondering what she gotten herself into, she mentioned that she knew I would understand, since I did EXACTLY the same thing twice last year, adopting two wonderful horses myself.  “He just spoke to me…” she explained.

Indy, Corrie and Steve
I went over to meet the new arrival yesterday, and I saw what she meant immediately. Indian is the sweetest most docile horse I have met in a long time (well, at least since Honey). He is in good condition now, though he still needs some TLC. As his condition improves and his abscessed hoof heals, I’m sure he will perk up a lot, but he is clearly a gentle spirit. He loves to be handled and I had a lot fun giving him a nose massage- doing TTouch moves on his nostrils, ears and mouth. He loves to cuddle and almost fell asleep while I chatted with Corrie and Steve.

They are so excited to let him out in a corral where he can kick up his heels a bit. He’s lived in an 8 x 24 stall and has had no grass or dirt to walk on for months. And he’s had no buddies nearby, a very stressful thing for a horse. Now Teddy and Harley, his barn mates, will show him how to be a horse again.
Indian, who I dubbed Indy, has clearly been ridden a lot, and was probably someone’s prize performance horse at one time. He’s a whopper, probably a warmblood rather than a thoroughbred, a gorgeous bay with a big heart.

Welcome to our world Indy—you have lots of new friends!

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