Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chewed art: The art of deconstruction, by Chris Ward

Of course this would have something to do with a Lab! Who else is a die-hard chewer? Chris Ward has created a wonderful ebook that is now going to be published as a hardcover coffee table book, if he can get enough orders by December 24.

This is a unique approach to publishing, and a great subject. You'll enjoy the video above, I promise!

Click the title under the video to go to the website. Sorry a bit of the video is cut off. You can see it correctly on the Kickstarter site.

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1 comment:

Christopher Ward said...

Thank you so much!

What if every dog were an artist rather than a mode of destruction? What if the chewed toys were valued statements about the world around us instead of slippery landmines in the night?

I hope your readers enjoy the book, and please spread the word!