Saturday, October 30, 2010

Poway mounted rangers featured on Poway Patch website

Patch is a new community-specific news and information platform dedicated to providing comprehensive local coverage for individual towns and communities. This means Poway has its own website featuring local news and events. Corrie Vaus, is an independent local reporter who contributes stories to Patch and several San Diego TV stations. She also owns a horse, Teddy, and we ride together on the Poway trails. So my friend and fellow ranger, Jackie Groveman, and I were happy to help with her story.

Me on Little Red, Poway Days Parade 2002
Poway has almost 100 miles of trails, and the mounted, bicycle and foot patrol reserve park rangers make regular patrols to check for maintenance and safety issues and provide assistance for people using the trails. The trail system is an important part of Poway, and I want to be sure it doesn't disappear due to development or misuse. Serving as a ranger is my way of helping insure the trails are here for many more years.

Me with Honey
I have written about Ari, my horse, and our work as rangers in previous posts. Ari, Honey and my previous horses, Little Red, Sage and Spice all were ranger horses.

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