Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bogey and Mr Cool find new homes

Bogey is a hard-headed little terrier-poodle mix, and needed to be an only dog. He was one of my pet sitting clients’ dogs. He found a new home and it appears, from this picture, that he has landed in his own personal heaven. I am so happy for him. He had a tough couple of weeks being bounced around from place to place, and this little rough cut diamond deserves the chance to shine.

Mr Cool

A few months ago I sent this story to all my horsey friends about a retired police horse:
Own a Piece of Santa Monica P.D. History
PLEASE Give Mr. Cool a great home
Mr. Cool needs a home. He is too old to chase bad guys on Venice Beach. Santa Monica P.D. is asking for a $2,000.00 donation for Mr. Cool. He needs to be replaced and the Mounted Unit is struggling to survive. He has some good trail rides left in his kind heart. Please call if you would like to have Mr. Cool. ¼ gelding, 24 years young. 15 2 hands
Mr. Cool has patrolled Venice Beach and the streets of Santa Monica for approximately 16 years.  Mr. Cool needs to be placed SOON, he just can’t chase people in the sand anymore. He deserves a good retirement Please help out! Santa Monica is one of the last Mounted Patrol units in California.
After some serious thought and some wheeling and dealing, my friend Kathi, who lives in Anza, adopted Mr. Cool, sight unseen. She about fainted when he got out of the trailer. He was bigger than 15-2, more like 16-3 hands tall. At first she wasn’t sure she would keep him, I think she was a little intimidated.

Then she rode him.

And then she fell in love with Mr Cool:
Mr. Cool is doing great, we've been out riding with other horses, my mare, and even come home alone, he's so kind and gentle.  His size is no longer an issue with me, I just needed to get over the shock!
I love happy endings! And the photos tell the story. Here's Cool with his new roommates, Misty the mare, and Dolly the sheep. 
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© 2010 Terry Albert. Photos copyright by each photographer. Photo of Mr Cool by Fabian Lewkowicz. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My neglected blog and a writing project

I have neglected my blog the past few weeks, but I have a good excuse. I am writing a book and it is due to the publisher on September 1st. Needless to say, that is my writing priority these days. It’s been an interesting experience.

This will be my second book. Animal Planet: Labrador Retrievers (TFH Publishing) is the title. Anyone who knows me knows my love for Labs, and this is a dream assignment. Although I don’t own a Labrador any more, I have lived with hundreds over the years: foster dogs, boarding dogs, and my own beloved Tank, who was with us for 13 ½ years. And Cody, an elderly rescue we adopted who only lived a year, but was also close to my heart.

My first book, in 2008, was Basset Hound: Your Happy Healthy Pet, and it was a second edition, so I had a manuscript to start with and an outline from the publisher (Howell books). This one is from scratch. Provided with a rough outline from my editor, all the words are mine. I found myself paralyzed with fear the first few weeks, so I did lots of research to get into the subject. There is nothing so scary as a blank piece of paper, for an artist or writer!

And now I have just two chapters to go, and three weeks to finish and edit my work. I put off the history of the breed, thinking it is always so boring. I am fascinated, and love looking through different sources and comparing stories and trying to craft an accurate one of my own. Because the Labrador’s history is somewhat murky, it is a challenge to get it right, or as near right as one can.

It reminded me of art history classes in college. I tried to avoid them, and then found myself entranced as I studied the remains of Pompeii and the cathedrals of Europe. Even contemporary art took me off in a new direction for my painting. I combined my art major with a minor in history, studying what went on in the world while all this fantastic art was being created. Ancient Greece and Rome became my favorite subjects.

The events in the world have a major effect on art, culture, and even dogs. The Sheep Protection Act of 1885 stopped breeding of the St John’s Dog in Newfoundland, and the Quarantine Act in England stopped importation of these dogs. The landed gentry in England then embarked on their own breeding program, refining the Labrador into what it is today.

Politics affects everyone, even dogs.

Want to know more? I do. 

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Honey the Icelandic horse

This is a story about a pony that loves children. Her name is Honey. She wear a pink halter and a pink saddle pad, and loves to take little girls for a ride. The little girls brush Honey's pretty white mane and tail and feed her carrots.

Honey's owner loves her and likes to share her with people who love ponies, because she didn't get to play with ponies when she was a little girl. And now she is all grown up, and she gets to play with her ponies all day long.

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Photos: Kalysta with Honey, and Kiyomi with Honey