Sunday, June 27, 2010

New art for dog rescue groups

This week I finished two projects. One is a cartoon for the Australian Terrier Club of America breed rescue. I started with a formal logo design, but they decided a cartoon would be more fun, and I have to say I agree. I don’t consider myself a cartoonist, but I do love a challenge! I hope to soon see it on their rescue web page.

Last year, I did a painting for their 50th Anniversary National Specialty show. This art was made into trophies and limited edition prints for the club.

Here is the finished art for rescue:

Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue
I didn’t design this logo; SPDR has used it since 1987, and the original is long gone. They needed a new clean copy of the logo that wouldn’t look awful when used large on banners and small on printed materials. So I redid it, and cleaned it up, using Adobe Illustrator to create vector art that can be scaled without getting pixelated. This is totally different from sketching a cartoon, so once again I stretched myself. I’m getting lots of practice with Illustrator, so that’s an added benefit to this project. My recent Bernese Mtn Dog art was also a vector graphic created in Illustrator. I gave them several different versions in color and black and white. In each, the type is a little different, either solid black, outlined, etc. I'm sure they will settle on one version after awhile. 

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Steve Martin said...

I like your cartoon images, I cannot do something like this, I am not drawing on computer nor on paper.. Congarts!! :D