Sunday, April 4, 2010


Some much-loved animals have passed away recently, and I would like to remember them today. They are not my pets, they belong to my pet sitting clients, but they have been a part of my life for many years, and I've loved these animals like my own. 

Most recently, just yesterday in fact, Spooky the cat died at 19 years old. It broke my heart to find him in his last moments when I arrived to care for him. His family took such good care of him in his old age, putting up with litter box accidents and nursing him through a stroke and other ailments. He always played hard-to-find when I came over, hiding in closets or under the bed. Sometimes he'd glare at me from the stairs until I got out of the way and he could go enjoy his food. He is the subject of my painting (at left). 

Chocolatté was the greatest Lab. He had that typical Lab sense of humor. I remember when he stayed with me in my apartment, and he left the room. I went looking for him about a half hour later, and he was curled up asleep on my bed!  I also remember taking him with me to a garage sale at Virginia's house, and he hopped in my front seat of my car behind the steering wheel and wouldn't get out. I think he thought I was going to leave him there-- he looked like he was driving. 

And one time at dinner, while my husband and I were eating, Chocolatté sat at the side of the table between us, doing a perfect sit, drool dripping all the way to the floor. What a beggar. What a character he was! I remember his owner, Roberta, dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood, and Chocolatté as Grandma so I could take photos of them. I have a lot of fun memories of a special dog.

Maggie the border collie was a gentle soul, who could spend all day sitting at the baby gate watching for the cats to walk by  in the hallway. She and her roommate Summer spent lots of fun times herding my horses through the fence. I don't think she ever met a sheep, but she sure could strike a pose. She was the subject of one of my pastel paintings

Taz was an old timer when I met him. A dear old dog with arthritis and other ailments, I put a carpet runner from the living room to the back door when he came to stay so he could walk easily. He didn't have much traction on the tile floors. As crippled as he was, he'd still play fetch and chase a toy with the other dogs in the yard. There is something precious about an old dog. 

I loved them all.

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