Sunday, January 10, 2010

RIP, Stephen Huneck

The Stephen Huneck Gallery
A fellow dog artist, Stephen Huneck died January 8. The tragedy of the economic downturn has taken another member of my generation, and I am deeply sad. Huneck took his own life after having to lay off his staff and put his beloved farm up for sale. I have one of his prints hanging in my entry hall, just purchased a few months ago.

I admired his talent for years. His creativity was beyond anything I could imagine. I can't help but think about the tradition of tortured geniuses through history. Think of Van Gogh, Einstein, Rodin, and others who traveled to the beat of a different drum.

The creative life takes its toll on many of us. Huneck's death sparked a long discussion on one of the email discussion lists I am on. I was surprised how many people admitted to depression and years of struggle with its effects. I hope we are past thinking that depression is not "real." Their inner turmoil is very real, and those who suffer need medical help and support.

No success comes without a price. Some pay more than others.

Read more about Stephen's remarkable art here:

I am lost for words today.

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