Sunday, November 29, 2009

Art for dog rescue groups

"Draw the Dog is drawn by Jim George, one of your typical ex-Disney animators who lives near the beach in Venice and once spent years animating in a cabin in the woods and who has been creating characters for film and TV and who has been a director and book author and who also has a counseling practice and who really likes animals and people, too." -from Jim's website.

I subscribe to Jim's daily Draw the Dog cartoons. They never fail to start my day with a smile. Now he has created a wonderful cartoon (above) that rescue groups are welcome to copy and use for fundraising t-shirts or whatever ideas they have. Thank you Jim, and I am happy to help spread the word. I have been involved in dog rescue for 20 years now, and know how groups struggle to find new ways to earn money to save homeless dogs.

Here is the link directly to the artwork:

Art for Dogs
And while we are on the subject of rescue, here's another artist who supports rescue. Ara Witmer, of Hemet CA, has a Cafe Press shop featuring her inspiring art. Also, she paints pet portraits of rescued dogs to help spread the word.

My art
I have a done a few of my own pieces of art for rescue groups. Here's one I did for Labrador Retriever Rescue. (Sorry, it is owned by the group, so it's not available for free distribution.) They sold out of shirts, but the second they get them reprinted, I will let you know. 

Foster a Dog for the Holidays
The San Diego Union Tribune ran an article yesterday about a nationwide effort to put pets in foster homes for the upcoming holidays. is looking for one million people who would like to have canine company for Christmas. The nationwide pet adoption database is teaming up with CBS and the new Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie, "A Dog Named Christmas" to campaign for holiday foster homes for all pets, canine and feline. 

In San Diego alone (city, not county) I counted 10 rescue groups, ranging from Siamese Cat Rescue to the House Rabbit Society, that have  signed up for the rescue effort. 

Even if you can't help all year long–for one homeless animal, for a few short days– you can make all the difference in the world. 
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