Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hanging Door Screen: great product for dog owners

I need all the fresh air I can get here in Poway, where it is hot for at least 8 months of the year. Every evening I turn off the air conditioning and open the back door to let in some fresh air. Meanwhile, there are flies and mosquitos that I want to keep out. My dogs have always used a screen door as a scratching post. It’s just something to slam their claws against when they want in or out. And I get sick of getting up to let them in. They ignore the dog door when the back door is open. I think I’ve found a solution.

The hanging screen door shown in the photos here was the answer for me. And I have noticed several of my pet sitting clients now have them at their homes. My first one lasted about a year—only because I would forget to pull up the screen when the door was closed and… yes… the dogs would scratch at it to tell me they want in. Otherwise it should last for several years with no problems. You can easily take it down in the winter.

What’s funny is that some dogs think it is a regular screen door and won’t go through it until they see the other dogs walking right through the screen. Anna, shown here, spent awhile assessing the challenge before she worked up the nerve to try it!

The screen hooks to the sides of the door frame with Velcro hook & loop, and has magnets down the middle to keep it closed. It hangs from a tension rod (included) at the top. You can buy the instant screen door online anywhere from $16.99 to $39.99.

Amazon has them- search for hanging screen door. Improvements also carries them. Some sites also carry hanging garage door screens, but I couldn't find them when I searched just now. Maybe it is a seasonal product. Collections, etc. is where I saw them, but they are not currently listed.

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