Monday, June 1, 2009

Heat stroke in dogs

This is a subject I had on my list of upcoming posts. 
Written by vet Peter Wedderburn, a vet that I follow on Twitter:

He says it all better than I can, and as a vet, he is an authority I trust. I do question his recommendation to give long haired dogs a short haircut. I have read that a dog's long coat insulates him from the heat and prevents sunburn. Often, a long coat will not grow back. This is a good question for you to ask YOUR vet. 

The summer heat season is coming up by the end of this month in California, and is full swing across the US. Heat stroke can sneak up on you, and it is heartbreaking to think that something you neglected to notice killed your beloved pet. 

This is no joke. One of my pet sitting clients adored his dogs, and just didn't realize he was working the dog too hard in the heat. They were out jogging on the trails on a hot day, and the dog collapsed and died. I will never forget his grief. 

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barrie said...

That is just heartbreaking :-( I check all the dogs' ears after about 5 long distance fetches. If anyone's ears are more than pink, we quit for a bit and I make sure everyone hangs in the shade and gets a drink and often rub cool water on tummies. Really high drive dogs like jrts, malinois, acds, bcs, etc. can stroke out from fetching in 40 degree weather! I have seen the insides of both Belgian Malinois's and Border Collies' ears turn brick red on a cool, winter day from running too hard.