Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meet the world's greatest horse!

Icelandic horseAri, an Icelandic Horse, is my riding partner and best buddy. Now 21 years old, he is still healthy and sound, and has the best temperament of any horse I've ever ridden. I didn't start riding until I was almost 40 years old, so I've always considered myself a beginner, and have just in the last five years found myself completely comfortable riding. Ari is a big reason for my comfort-- he is a fabulous horse. 

We ride the trails with friends and as mounted Reserve Park Rangers for the City of Poway. A new book was just released, ASPCA Kids: Animals At Work, by my friend Liz Palika, and Ari is one of the featured animals! Two pages are devoted to the story of Ari at work as a park ranger. I am very proud of him! I was disappointed they didn't use his photo, but I'll post one here to make up for it :) Read his story here.

Ari has given pony rides to lots of children, including my nieces Kirra and 
Ember. Last summer, he gave rides at a birthday party for my next door neighbor's granddaughter. 

Ari and I ride in the Poway Days Parade every year with the park rangers. We have also ridden in the Horse Days parade in Norco, 4th of July parade in Rancho Bernardo,  and the Swallows Day parade in San Juan Capistrano with an Icelandic riding group. 

Ari was imported from Iceland in 1998, and was ridden in the Rose Parade by Valur Blomsterburg in 2000. Valur, from Iceland, is the person who brought Ari over to the United States. Ari was shown at Icelandic horse shows in the US before I owned him. Today we enjoy riding the trails, camping, riding in parades and doing ranger patrols together. We especially enjoy summer rides at Border State Beach in San Diego.

Ari shares his home in my back yard with his roommate, Star, another Icelandic horse. His former roommate, Little Red, now lives at the Shea Center in San Juan Capistrano, where he is also a working horse, doing riding therapy with handicapped children. 

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