Saturday, April 4, 2009

I found a new pet product: Canine lullabies

Unbelievable. I just found a new product on the internet at I have ordered the CD, based on what I saw when I played their YouTube demo, shown above. 50 dogs at the Colorado Humane Society calm down after two minutes of the music, which has a background heartbeat sound which comforts the dogs and relaxes them. 

As I played the demo video on my computer, a pug, poodle/terrier mix, chihuahua puppy and three shelties were rough-housing at my feet. First they perked up their ears at the sound of the noisy dogs. By the time the video was done, they were all standing or laying down quietly, and settled in for a relaxation session which lasted... well, they're still quiet and it's been about 10 minutes. I was amazed. Since I board dogs at my home, it can sometimes get more than merely chaotic around here. 

When the video arrives, I will update you on how it worked for me. What a great idea for doggie daycare and kennel situations. 

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