Thursday, March 12, 2009

A new pet portrait: German Shepherd

Here is my latest painting, of Deena, my friend Jackie's newest family member. She is a very striking dog, only a year old, and lots of personality, so she was a joy to paint. This is done in watercolor and colored pencil, and the picture above shows you the photo, work-in-progress, and the finished portrait. It is 5 x 7 inches, very small compared to my usual portraits. 

I took photos of Deena and let Jackie and her husband choose which pose they liked best. 

I hadn't painted since before Christmas, due to some very busy months pet sitting. This was a nice one to get me back into the groove again. I have three orders ahead of me, which I will share with you when they are done. 

The hardest part is getting started, and like many of us, I can come up with a lot of excuses not to sit down and get to work. A friend once told me her kitchen was never cleaner than when she had a paper due in school! 

My involvement with the Canine Art Guild helps inspire me and keep me motivated. And my artistic friends, a photographer and a sculptor also inspire me. It is hard to stay focused when I have several different jobs. In a perfect world, I would paint every day. It is truly my favorite "career," my passion.  

To see more of my work, visit my pet portraits web site. 
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RockArtist said...

What a beautiful German Shepard. Reminds me of my old Kasia from years ago. I miss her. You did a fantastic job on this Terry....