Saturday, March 7, 2009

Change the way you think

Between pets, jobs and/or kids, are you overwhelmed?
Is the financial crisis keeping you awake nights?
If you see one more hairball on the bed, will you have a meltdown?
Me too. 

Add professional burnout, home repairs I can't afford, crazy dogs I pet sit for, and the agony some of my friends and family are facing, I sometimes want to curl up in a little ball and quit. The art above, by Mary Engelbrecht hangs on my refrigerator, and reminds me that attitude is everything, especially in tough times. 

I have repaired my attitude about difficult dogs- seeing them as a challenge and realizing that their families love them. I look at the financial crisis as an opportunity to clean up my own financial act and thank God I am not facing foreclosure or bankruptcy. The home-repair-crisis-of-the-week is something to be endured and survived, not the end of the world. My change of outlook has helped immensely, and I soldier on.

I wish it were so for my friends facing severe health problems. Cancer and Alzheimers have attacked people close to me in recent months, and I ache for them, wishing I could stop it. They need all the attitude they can get. All I can offer is prayers and optimism; I can't stop or cure the progression of these diseases. 

In these tough times, be grateful for what you have, don't sweat the small stuff, and hug your dog. 

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