Friday, January 9, 2009

Two cute dogs need a home

So many dogs need homes right now, and I was contacted about these two, so I hope you'll take a look and spread the word. 

Two boys, Ulysses and Shilo, are five years old, chihuahua/doxie/boxer/whatever mixes. They aren't too big, as you can see. They play like puppies, are crate trained and sleep in their crates at night, and play outside all day. They love people and love to play tug of war with their toys. They are neutered and current on all their shots. Their owner would prefer they stay together. 

Call Gail at 619-920-0326 or Carole at 858-335-1329. The dogs are in San Diego County. 

Why homeless Dogs?
It's a shame that at only five years old, shelters are reluctant to take them in, saying they are not as adoptable as "younger" dogs. Since I have adopted dogs as old as 14, I find that hard to imagine. Dogs are for life, not just for Christmas, and five years old is about when they reach their prime, depending on their size and breed. An adult dog makes a wonderful pet and is a lot less work than a puppy. Every dog I've owned was an adult when I got him or her (Exception- Tank was 10 months old when I came to live with him). They all had a lot of good years left to enjoy. 

Sure, they are cute when they are puppies. So are human babies. You don't throw them out when they become teenagers, though you may want to! 

I don't know why these dogs need a home, but sometimes people fall on hard times, and just can't keep their pets. Divorce, unemployment – all kinds of tragic circumstances screw up our life plans. If it wasn't for my good friend Virginia, I would not have been able to keep Emma, my collie, when I got a divorce. I had two dogs and two cats in an apartment that only allowed two animals, so Emma stayed with Virginia for several months until I was able to get a house. Not many of us have friends like that. 

So rather than judge those who don't keep their pets, I choose to sympathize, and pray that sweet dogs like these will find a home. 

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