Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm famous!

A friend and fellow Dog Writers Association member has written an interesting blog on Kim Thornton writes about what pet owners are doing to save money in these tough economic times.

I thought it was fun to find myself quoted in the article, talking about how I deal with the cost of grooming three shelties and shots for four dogs. I'll let you read her blog to find out what I do! 

My cousin in Missouri read the article and was glad to see I'm not being quoted about yet another wildfire in San Diego, which just shows that the fire season isn't over yet.

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RockArtist said...

Congratulations Terry on getting noticed and quoted by MSNBC! What a great idea too. I'll have to check with my groomer and see if she can do slow day discounts! Every little bit helps. I had to start taking the dogs to a self-groomer for their baths just to save a little money, but the trimming is a little more tricky.