Sunday, November 9, 2008

Catch an escaped dog or cat

• Most dogs will come to you if you squat down, open your arms, and call in a happy, fun voice. You are much less scary when you are down on the dog’s eye level.
• Face sideways as the dog approaches. Facing straight-on is a dominant position, and may intimidate him into keeping his distance. Avoid direct eye contact for the same reason.
• If there’s another dog in the household, snap on a leash and take her out with you. The loose dog will often come to his buddy.
• Tempt Rover with a trail of treats leading to you. Don’t let him see the leash.
• Get ahead of him and herd him back towards the house. Leave the door open; he may run right in.
• Run away from the dog. Get his attention and take off in the opposite direction. This really works! Rover thinks it’s a game, and readily plays.
• If the dog is afraid to come to you, put some really good, tasty canned food out and sit with your back turned. Lay down and he will often come right up and start sniffing you, wondering what the heck you’re doing.
• No matter how mad you are, praise Rover to the heavens when he comes back. If he gets punished, he won’t come next time.

No doubt about it; cats are much harder to catch.
• Throw a blanket or towel over him.
• Run the can opener to lure him in, if he knows what the sound means.
• Ignore him and move away from the door, or herd him in that direction. If you’re not in the way, he may go back in on his own, especially if he’s never been out. An indoor cat is usually terrified outside.
• You may have to rent a humane trap (cage) and put food in it and leave, or watch from a distance. Feed stores or animal shelters should have traps for rent.

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