Tuesday, August 5, 2008


RealAge.com is helping me eat better, take better care of myself, and even get a bit of exercise (ack! not THAT!). Actually, my everyday activities keep me moving: cleaning corrals, feeding horses, riding, playing with dogs, gardening, housecleaning for all these animals, etc. But I don't kid myself. It's not enough to keep me fit or healthy. 
As I mentioned in an earlier post, a tired dog is a good dog. Now RealAge has a web site devoted to the health of your dogs, and their latest post talks about... exercise! It's hard enough to do the right things for our own well-being, but I find I am much more disciplined about keeping my pets healthy. They go the vet more than I see a doctor, I feed them healthy foods and don't let them overeat. As I chomp down that pizza, they get their carefully rationed milk bones. 

You can take a test to determine your "real age," based on your lifestyle, and now you can find out your dog's "real age" too. My 18 year old Corgi mix is much healthier than I am, and it's been a real wake up call. It's never too late to start taking care of yourself... or your dog. 

Sandy (shown above), my 18 year old Corgi mix, is 61.3 years at DogAge.com. If you use a traditional measure of 7 human years for every one dog year, she would be 126! Other dog age calculators on the internet put her at anywhere from 85-96 years old in human years. 

Figure out your cat's real age too
RealAge also has a CatAge site so you can learn about your cat's health and take the cat age test too. The CatAge test will calculate your Cat's biological age, in people years, based on your cat's lifestyle and current health. You also receive personalized recommendations to help your cat live a long healthy life.

My 7 year old cat Sterling's Cat age is 35.8, 8.3 years younger than the average CatAge for Sterling's breed, a Persian. 

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RockArtist said...

Hi Terry
This site is great. I went on and did the survey to determine the age of my dog Oscar. Instead of being 77, like I thought, he is only 49.8 years in people years. The survey helps you identify the many things that can affect our dog's health and aging that I never thought about, or just take for granted. Luckily I am doing a pretty good job, but there are some things that I could improve, such as the exercise. It would also be good for me too. I think I am lagging behind Oscar in the healthy aging area. Thanks for the reminders.