Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Polly the Pet Sitter

Since I am a writer, I was struck by inspiration today. A good friend sent me a book, Mrs. Twitter the Animal Sitter. Well, it is a cute story, but the author clearly doesn't know a thing about pet sitting! But that is part of its charm. My friend's kids loved this story growing up, which got me to thinking. I can do better than that ( I think). So here it is. Note it is copyrighted, so please don't reproduce without my permission.

Polly the Pet Sitter
by Terry Albert

Polly the pet sitter from Poway

Takes care of two dogs, a cat and a horse.

When she goes out walking

People start talking,

Because the critters go with her of course!


The dogs are in front

The horse in the rear,

The cat in her arms ‘cause he must.

Miss Polly, by golly

Gets dragged down the gully

As the dogs chase a bunny and fuss.


They start out again,

This small group of friends,

The cat is now riding the horse.

The horse sees a snake,

And everyone shakes.

They call out the whole police force!


The cops come right over,

And say “Hello, Rover,”

And each of the dogs wags his tail.

“Where’s this big snake?

Or was this a mistake?”

As they listen to Polly’s sad tale.


The cat is so brave,

It’s his turn to save

Miss Polly who feeds him so well.

“The snake’s right here,

Up the tree in the air,

I found him with my sense of smell!”


These pets are so smart,

The cops all go home

The snake in a bag in a cart.

Polly says “Golly,

I’ll take you all with me,

Whenever I go for a walk."


So the dogs are in front,

And the horse in the rear,

The cat on his back

Trying to steer.


Polly walks them all home

Never more will they roam

They’re happy they’re back

Safe and sound.


A pet sitter’s job

Is fun all around

But sometimes it’s not what you think.


A simple walk ‘round the corner

And on down the street,

Brings surprises before you can blink!

© 2008 Not to be reproduced without author's permission

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