Friday, June 27, 2008

Helping Udders and Popsicles for Pups

I have found the perfect summer treat for hot dogs. Kooldogz makes a popsicle kit for pups. I throw in dog biscuits, spoonfuls of peanut butter, carrots, hot dogs, zucchini- all in a bucket that I then freeze. When frozen, I take it out and pop it on this stand (Desi the Dachshund shown here) and they lick it for a couple of hours. They love it. The only problem I have had is when a dog is possessive over food. Then I either need to have two set up or put them away until I have a more cooperative bunch staying here. 

Kooldogz is available from a fun web site, Helping Udders. Obviously run by a woman with a sense of humor, this site sells lots of unusual dog items, including t-shirts featuring my artwork. 10% of the proceeds go to dog rescue groups. She has donated over $9,000 in 2008. Besides great t-shirts (not very modest am I?), the site offers toys, travel gear, and dog beds. Helping Udders has also donated over 200 cooling vests to working military dogsThe military only provides the basics for Military Working Dogs (MWDs) stationed in Iraq where temperatures can soar up to 145 degrees.  When the dogs are hot, they tire quickly and their ability to detect explosives and other dangers is greatly reduced.

I hope you'll visit the site and help Mikel, the business owner, continue her good work for dogs worldwide.


Sheona Hamilton Grant said...

Love the idea..all I need now is for the warm weather to show. Great link to a great fun web site. Love it when people have a sense of humour and a big heart.

RockArtist said...

I must get one of these popsicle kits from Helping Udders...(what a great site by the way) dog Oscar loves to chew on ice cubes and would love this.